Daily grounding and personal growth in two minutes a day.


In a world where you’re pulled in so many different directions, the HERE App provides a daily space where nothing is expected of you except to be here. 
When you want to stay grounded and growing but life is just so hectic, the HERE App delivers a 2-minute dose of audio each weekday to help you do just that.  
Think of the HERE App as the welcoming friend that reminds you of what is most true and helps you take a moment to be present in a way that fits your busy schedule. Give yourself the gift of a few minutes each day to just be HERE, in the moment.

So you can take a deep breath, drop your shoulders and exhale the rest. You’ve arrived. You’re here.

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Based on the concept of micro-habits, the app provides a 2-minute audio excerpt daily to keep you anchored and learning  in a way that fits your busy lifestyle.


It's personal growth,

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In just 2 minutes a day, you can be intentional about staying grounded and growing. 

Listen while you get ready in the morning or cook a meal.